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Autore: Maria Rita Frazzoni
Il mazzo contiene 22 Arcani Maggiori
Testo Maria Rita Frazzoni
Formato approx cm 15.24 x 22.86 cm
Edizione 30 copie firmate - Scatola in legno fatta a mano
Euro 350,00
Ventidue sono le strade, così come lo sono le manifestazioni dell'essere nella sua differenziazione e nella sua storia. 22 sono le lettere che esprimono il mondo, coniando un nuovo alfabeto da decifrare. 22 sono gli arcani maggiori dei Tarocchi, un cammino iniziatico o forse solo un gioco di vita che illumina il percorso di Bologna, colei che non si svela, città antica e paziente, che mostra l'accoglienza come attributo venusiano e il segno del Toro come archetipo divino dell'Acqua sacra e rigeneratrice che diviene poi Terra costruttiva.
Author: Maria Rita Frazzoni
The deck contains 22 Major Arcana
Text by Maria Rita Frazzoni
Size approx cm 15.24 x 22.86 cm
Limited edition 30 signed copies - Handmade wooden box
Euro 350,00
Customer fee to be paid by the addressee
Tarocchi Al Top, I Tarocchi di Bologna is a beautifully made deck, rich with history and symbolic detail, painstakingly produced by Museo dei Tarocchi. The art in this deck is a symphony of colors, crowded scenes of characters and prominent landmarks showcasing this extraordinary city that has held tight to its deep roots to the past. As an underlying theme, the cards are populated by darling little mice that add humor and charm to the more serious, historical nature of the deck. The Death card has a mischievous looking cat enjoying a deadly game of cat and mouse. 'Al Top', found in the title of this deck means on top in Italian but also refers to mouse. The way this particular deck was printed looks almost as if each card is a hand painted work of original art; the colors practically jump off the page. This deck comes in a wooden box which slides open. The top of the box is collaged with a smaller version of the title card, fastened onto dyed papers and secured with the Museo’s signature hot wax seal. The photograph shows how large the set is and the deck comes nestled securely in the box with netting. There is a wood burning of the Museo’s logo on the box. An exceptional collector’s deck and a truly remarkable view into the long Italian lineage of Tarot.