D069 Tarocchi della Ruota Incrociata


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Autore: Claudio Parentela
Il mazzo contiene 22 Arcani Maggiori
Formato cm. 10 x 15
Edizione limitata 100 copie numerate e firmate dall'editore
Euro 45,00
...Mi piace sperimentare da sempre e per sempre... in me,dentro e fuori di me. I Tarocchi della Ruota Incrociata sono un bivio degli incroci del mio occhio e del mio cuore. Un gioco tra la fotografia impossibile e le 1000 tenere e violente sfumature dell'inchiostro più nero dell'India profonda. Uso il mondo e il folle, l'eremita e gli amanti come obiettivo della mia camera e come pennello per i miei quadri ...
Claudio Parentela
Author: Claudio Parentela
The deck contains 22 Major Arcana
Size cm. 10 x 15
Set Limited to 100 copies Hand-Numbered Sets, Signed by Publisher
Euro 45,00
Customer fee to be paid by the addressee
I began to photograph and paint the ’’TAROCCHI DELLA RUOTA INCROCIATA’’ while thinking of the thousands of shades between black and white; their shadows, their lights, their absolute contrasts, their silences, their many voices, their invisible emotions, their fleeting thoughts.
The lines lead to points that point to the heavens, to the eyes, the heart, the soul that breaks in a twisted glow.
I've joined the drawing, the ink, the paper, my photos. I've outlined similar and remote worlds; different, opposite and identical, as a thought, as a fleeting emotion, as a mazelike and enigmatic Koan. ’’TAROCCHI DELLA RUOTA INCROCIATA’’ is a romantic dream, a burning quest, a high mountain, a mirror in the mirror of infinity and a broken reflection pasted together by my thoughts and by yours.

...I like to experience forever and ever ... inside and out of me. Crossed-Wheel Tarot (Tarocchi della Ruota incrociata) deck is a crossroad of the crosses of my eye and heart. A game between impossible photography and the 1000 delicate and violent nuances of the blacker ink of deepest India. I use the World and the Fool, Hermit and Lovers as my camera's goal and brush for my paintings ...
Claudio Parentela