Bologna & the Tarot

At last, the book BOLOGNA & TAROT An Italian Legacy from the Renaissance History Art Symbology Literature edited by Andrea Vitali & Michael S. Howard will be published in English for the international market!

In Italy, the book was supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, as well as the prestigious Fondazione del Monte.

Unfortunately, but also fortunately, the book of 300 pages as expected has reached almost 500 pages, hundreds of illustrations: cards, artworks, and documents, 1000+ footnotes .
Now we can proudly say that it is a unique work destined to the history of the Tarot. For this reason we had to revise the cover price which should have been at least double, but we managed to contain it and create a very special offer.
The edition is limited to 500 copies so secure your book by purchasing it in advance.

In November you will receive it along with some postcards from the Tarot Museum for free. Only two months of waiting... and now the countdown begins!

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